Tuesday, August 18, 2009

$.05 Yogurt = Yummy Treat!

Kim emailed me to let me know of great deal at Meijer this week on Dannon Yogurt.

Purchase 20 individual cups, sale price $4/10.

Use (2) $1/10 manufacturer coupons.

Use (5) $1/4 mealbox coupons from Meijer.com

Purchase 20 yogurt cups for $1... Woo Hoo!

Thanks Kim!


The Pohl Family

Yes it was a great deal, actually I think it was 10/1 so 20/2 in the end. I did email you as well about the trouble they had with my mealbox coupons. So others beware. This happened once last week with one and she hand entered it. However today, they still hand entered, but made it clear they were not supposed to. They just were not ringing in. I plan to call Meijer tomorrow during the babies nap and hubby being at work and ask about this. So as to be sure there will be no problems in the future. Kind of embarrassing.

Laura Webber

Mealbox coupons often need to be entered manually.

The Pohl Family

I wondered if that might be the case, however both the people trying to figure out the problem were very adiment about the fact they were not supposed to be doing that. So I plan tomorrow to still call, so that I atleast have a name, proper info, and a secure way to ensure that I get to use my coupons next time as well. Now if my normal cashier would have been there when we were ready to check out we would have had no problems (a neighbors daughter).

Becky C

I did this today, purchasing 12 Dannon Yogurts. I attempted to use 2 manufacturers coupons for 60 cents off 6, and 3 mealbox coupons for $1 off 4. My first mfr coupon scanned fine (at the U-Scan), the mealbox coupons were hand-entered by the cashier, but I did not get credit for the other mfr coupon, which I had handed to the cashier because it wouldn't scan. I didn't realize this until I got home. I would have asked for my coupon back if I had realized I did not get the 60 cents off.

Mom C

Hi Laura,

You probably know this but there is a Dannon Yogert rebate going on right now, all paid in Dannon coupons. The form is here: http://www.dannonomics.com/pdf/O7073_Dannonomics_Rebate.pdf

Purchase $15 worth of any 1 or more brands and get 3 - $1.00 coupons.
Purchase $20 worth of any 2 or more brands and get 6 - $1.00 coupons.
Purchase $40 worth of any 3 or more brands and get 15 - $1.00 coupons.


Laura Webber

Thanks Barb!