Monday, June 1, 2009

Target Gift Card Challenge Update:

So... I'm feeling like this challenge is only exciting for me (correct me if I am wrong) so this will be my final post on the subject.

I love this new Kraft cheese! Target sells this cheese for $2.09/pkg. and Kroger sells it for $3.99, so I spent my Kraft coupons at Target.

***I have to admit, I spent a $5 gift card that I found in the bottom of a box of General Mills cereal, so my gift card total would have been higher.

Grocery Total: $26.62
Spent (GC): $4.72 & Saved: $21.90
Overall totals:
Spent: $11
Saved: $171.76

I love a good challenge!



Keep posting! I'd love to hear how far you take this!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Oh no...we like reading it too!!!! Did you ditch your stockpiling blogs too??? You don't realize how much we like reading your posts!!!

Becky C

I love reading about your amazing Target deals with a $20 gift card. Please keep it coming.

PLEASE keep the Target deals coming - we LOVE to read about your finds (and how you are stretching your gift card!)


Keep posting! Keep posting! I'm going to ask for Target gift cards for my birthday and want to see what the potential is. :)