Friday, June 5, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

Wednesday I shopped alone (I picked up some extra special goodies to celebrate my son's half birthday with both sets of grandparents) and I hit three stores.

Gordon Food Service: Good Season's giant salad dressing mix (makes 16 bottles worth) & fake bacon crumbles (these are gross, do not purchase) $7.18

Costco: 2 (6) packs of romaine lettuce and a giant bag of Craisins $14.76

Meijer: the rest of my groceries $32.73

Grocery Total: 103.69
Spent: $54.63 & Saved: $49.06
37 coupons used
17 FREE items

***I brought $47 in Register Rewards (from Walgreen's) with me, and I purchased a $50 Meijer gift card for later use since RR's expire within two weeks. Now I have a gift card with no expiration date, that I can purchase food, clothes, shoes, toddler toys/games... or even an umbrella table and chair set that Dave and I have been eyeing for our back deck. Like I always say, a manufacturer coupon is a manufacturer coupon, and it can be redeemed where coupon are accepted. My U-Scan cashier was just as geeked about my gift card as I was!



How were you able to use your RR at Meijers? I asked my Meijers if they accepted them (I had heard that some did) and my cashier laughed at me and said "No." Was she wrong? Is it vary by store?

Laura Webber

I have used RR's twice at my Meijer (Livonia) without an eye being batted... maybe it varies by store. Hmmm.


I was wondering the same thing! Worth investigating...


You are not suppose to use Walgreen RRs at Meijer, they were NOT intended for that use. lol and people wonder why couponers get looked at the way we do.

Laura Webber

The wording on a manufacturer's coupon indicates that it is non-specific and able to be spent at stores that accept "manufacturer coupons". When a coupon is specific to a store it reads "store coupon" across the top instead of manufacturer.

Often a coupon will read "redeemable at Walgreen's", for example- but that isn't the only redeemable locatio. Walgreen's pays for that advertising space to try to lure you into shopping at their store with your coupon.

When I have spent my Register Rewards at other locations (Meijer and Publix) I pointed out that I was spending RR's, but that they were manufacturer coupons, and they were gladly accepted. If a store will openly allow them, then I do not think that it is wrong.

When a store declines the use, which happened today, I'm OK with that too. If you are honest with what kind of "money" you are spending then the allowance of spending RR's is the stores disgression.