Thursday, May 21, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: This weekend it took me two and a half hours just to clip all my coupons, and that was before I even looked at the sale papers or mealbox or thought about my shopping list!

Am I over-clipping? Should I clip coupons in any amount for any product I may potentially use, or is there another litmus test? What coupons SHOULDN'T I clip? (I think I only left behind products for pet owners and senior citizens!)

Me: *** The first couple of clipping weeks are lengthy, but you will become MUCH faster soon!

When I clip, I only clip about 50% of the coupons.

I clip the following:

1. All beauty products, not just my favorite brands- because I like to donate these types of items.

2. I clip only the food items that my family would possibly eat.

3. I clip the basics on health care products, Tylenol, Band Aids...

4. I clip make up coupons for products that I might use.

5. I clip "brand new to the market" products... these coupons will say "NEW" on them.

6. I clip coupons that friends/family can use (like pet coupons).

7. I clip "high value" coupons. Coupons with values of $1 or more, especially if they fit one of ther above criteria as well.



Also, if clipping coupons from multiple papers clip them all at the same time...



I also clip items that I might not get if I had to pay for them, but would get them if they were free. Exampls: Snacks, nice for road trips, or to bring out if having people over

Laura Webber

Yep to both!!!