Monday, May 11, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I've recently started reading your blog and getting into the coupon game. I've had good successes this week at CVS, Target, and Publix. (At least 60 - 70% savings). Most of the system makes sense to me, but I had a few questions that I was wondering your opinion about before I get ahead of myself.

You seem to be someone who places a high value on saving money, but also realizes that honoring the Lord is most important. I want to be a good steward of the money that God has entrusted me with, and I want to be a good helpmate to my husband in providing for our family, and I too realize that this does not allow for doing anything cheating or dishonest with coupons. So I wanted to ask you these two questions:

This week there was a link posted on a couple of blogs for $1/1 12-pack of Coke coupons. They were legitimate manufacturer's coupons with unique bar codes. I printed 5 or so I think. I could tell from the website that it was really supposed to be someones coupon from Coke rewards. Although they were legitimate coupons, is it okay to use these since it clearly was not what Coke had intended by the coupons?

Also, I have subscribed to iheartcvs's coupon links. Is it okay to print and use these coupons at CVS? Were they really only supposed to be used by her and she has made them available to everyone or are they okay for public use?

Part of me hopes that both of these things are okay, but I am really curious to hear what you think. I'm new to this and don't always know what is correct and what is not correct...and saving a buck is not worth dishonoring the Lord. On a side note....I've been on missions trips to Haiti twice. It is really an eye-opening place that has captured a piece of my heart. I wish that I could take your class...but I'm in South Florida :)

Me: Sometimes it is so hard to know the coupon ethics for each individual coupon. I often call the company's corporate 800# to find out the real scoop.

For the Coke coupon, Coca Cola told me that the coupons that you are referring to are for specific individuals- so you and I should not be printing or spending these coupons. I have yet to see one but I imagine that it says Coke rewards somewhere right? (I'm bummed, I had read about these coupons last week but was on vacation without a printer.... I LOVE Coke!)

As for the CVS coupons, I do print these coupons and I ask my cashier before I use them if it is OK. I am almost always allowed to use these coupons. CVS's corporate coupon redemptive policy is up to the store manager for CVS store coupons.