Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hitting EVERY Store in Town...

Well, let's see... I have been in Atlanta for about 60 hours and I have shopped my little heart out at Publix (3 different trips), Kroger (once), CVS (2 transactions), Walgreen's (2 trips, 3 transactions), and Target (3 transactions).

Total: $396.02
Spent: $34.46 & Saved: $361.56
(Georgia has 10% sales tax... I spent $12.13 on tax)

***NOT PICTURED: 1 book of stamps, 10 Publix reusable bags (I love these!!!) 6 newspapers and 1 more container of Centrum.

Publix was having a buy one get one FREE (BOGO) on Schick razors this week. I was thrilled that I had yet to use my BOGO manufacturer's coupons... So I packed up and headed out to Publix yesterday.

When I was checking out with my 12 packages of Schick's last night, the register was ringing up my razors at half price. This threw my TWO FREE packs of razors per coupon used plan right out the window. If Publix offers half price per package (so customers just wanting one package can still reap the benefits of the sale) then my coupon would only be scanned for half off of one package.

In mathematical terms:
1 package of Schick razors: $6.29
Buy one get one FREE: each package rings for $3.15
My buy one get one FREE coupons are scanned for -$3.15
I would still pay $3.15 for 2 packages of razors.

Normally a buy one get one FREE (BOGO) sale combined with matching BOGO manufacturer coupons = 2 FREE packages.

I tried to explain this to the cashier, the customer service rep and the on duty store manager, but they wouldn't allow both of the items to leave the store for FREE. I was invited to talk with the store's lead manager today, so based on coupon principal- I visited Publix again today.

The manager, at first had a hard time wrapping his mind around the concept. I understand that it is a tricky concept. After talking the situation out we came to the conclusion that both razors were indeed legally FREE (to me) and he had my cashier add two razor prices together to account for a full razor price to be removed from my bill ($3.15 + $3.14 = $6.29).

I love a coupon challenge- especially with a super kind manager who was willing to jump inside the mind of a crazy coupon lady! (Thanks again Don!!!)

Hmmm, I wonder where I should shop tomorrow?



I hope your not doing this for FUN while in Atlanta!


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