Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gift Cards

I feel like I am always preaching about rolling your store rewards (normally I talk about Register Rewards from Walgreen's and Extra Care Bucks from CVS) by purchasing items with your store rewards that will earn you more store rewards.

Target has a little rollable money that they offer too. $5 Gift cards!!!

For several months now I have had a $5 gift card to Target in my wallet... not the same gift card, but a gift card none the less.

I have found that on most weeks Target has special offers in their weekly flyer that include purchasing two or more specific items from their store and that purchase earns you a $5 gift card.

Recent examples:
Purchase 2 Swiffer products and earn a $5 GC
Purchase 2 Glade candles and earn a $5 GC
Purchase 5 Quaker granola bars and earn a $5 GC

Since I already had a $5 gift card in my wallet, when I purchased 2 Swiffer products (costing $8.08 combined) I paid $3.08 + my $5 gift card and I earned another $5 gift card!

Essentially I *used* my original gift card to keep my out of pocket cost lower ($3.08 instead of $8.08) and $5 gift card was replaced with a new $5 gift card... thus ROLLING my Target reward money!

Now my new $5 gift card is waiting in my wallet for the next Target sale that will earn me another $5 gift card!