Monday, April 27, 2009

SUPER Kroger

Yesterday was SUPER Kroger day for me!!!
I filled my cart which in turn, filled my trunk!

Grocery Total: $201.04
Spent: $15.60 & Saved: $185.44
144 coupons used
55 FREE items



I am inspired! Tomorrow I am headed to the Mecca of grocery stores, with a large stash of coupons, no children, and a hearty breakfast under my belt. One question I have is does this Kroger take Internet Coupons? Any other tips or tricks or ideas for me before I head out to face the overwelming task and using as many coupons and as little cash as I can.
Thank you

Laura Webber

Hi Terry,
Yep, bring your internet printables... and maybe a drink and snackie, take your time and enjoy yourself... oh, and take a picture and report back to me!


So how do you decide what week you are going to go to Super Kroger? Are there better sale weeks then others or is it good any week???

Laura Webber

I usually shop with a couple of friends on the last Sunday of the month... to use up expiring coupons!


Laura, did you get a good deal on the wheat thins? I still thought they were too much $$, but they weren't on sale...

Went there today - no bounty basics left, lol
Were those the caprisun sunrises? They were out of those too.
My total was higher, but I also needed things I didn't have great coupons for (coffee filters, trash bags, etc.)


Oops, Laura, that was:
How did you get such a good deal on the wheat thins? I want to go back before the coupon expires.