Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Thank you so much to all of you who have attended one of my coupon classes in March!!! Together we have raised $690 for Raincatchers! YTD: $1,460!!!

I was recently asked how much it costs to supply a Haitian family with a raincatcher and 55 gallon drum to store surplus water between rain storms. The total cost is roughly $200.

It is so hard to imagine that it only takes $200 to bring such an amazing change to a family (and surrounding neighbors!), plus the care and energy of teams to travel to Haiti to install the Raincatcher.

This picture (read more at shows children heading out for their daily trek to the watering hole- two hours away, to fetch the water that the family will need just to survive for one day. ONE DAY. 4 hours of walking to sustain "drinking water" for the family!

Thank you for giving the gift of water!