Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nerding Out in Public!!!

Yep, I totally nerded out at Kmart tonight!

The funny thing is that my sister in law Nicole and our friend Heidi weren't embarassed by my coupon entourage in the least! We swapped coupons and mental math skills- we are hard core!

Item Total: $84.64

Spent: $3.56 & Saved: $81.08

39 coupons used

19 FREE items



I thought I posted a comment... but it may not have gone through... hope this isnt a double!

But anyway, I'm happy to nerd it out with you any day... but my coupon boxes aren't nearly impressive enough. thanks for your help in savings tonight!


okay,that is impressive!

I thought I scored some deals yesterday at Kmart,but definitely not as well as you!

Laura Webber

Well, I've been spending coupons for quite awhile... did I mention that I LOVE Aussie styling products?


Hey Laura. What was the deal on the Aussie products? I didn't notice those when I went.

Laura Webber

The Aussie products were 2/$6 and I had a stack of $2 off each product.


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