Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

Grocery Total: $90.15
Spent: $24.53 & Saved: $65.62
21 coupons used
3 FREE items

I have decided that since our closest Costco shares the same parking lot with Meijer, I will be purchasing my Romain lettuce there. I was shocked to find that Costco sells Romain 6 packs for $3.49 and Meijer's price is $4.99. I think I'll just purchase two or three packages at a time since they last quite a while in our fridge. In the summer I will need to use our insulated bags for the lettuce, but for now, they were fine out in the car while I went into Meijer.

Yesterday I did purchase the Romain lettuce at Costco with our store rewards for using our Costco credit card, so they were FREE! Costco actually gave me $.31 when I cashed out- so that was a nice change!

I was thrilled that Meijer had several boxes of Electrosol in stock- I was sure that I'd need to get a rain check.