Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Bonding Coupon Style!!!

I LOVE to hear how well each of you are now able to care for your families through using coupons! I am especially geeked when I hear how coupons are building family relationships:

*** I dragged my sister in law to your coupon class that I hosted (she was almost kicking and screaming). Since then, she and I have been emailing each other daily about the coupons and deals we've found. We'll meet at the stores and have coffee to trade coupons.

She's been married to my brother for 11years, and we have never bonded like we have over coupons!!

We went to my parents yesterday for Easter, my son's birthday and my niece's birthday. The extended family doesn't understand coupons "there's no such thing as a free lunch"...but they brought their saved coupons for us--it was like Christmas. My sister in law and I sat and clipped and traded coupons all afternoon.!!

My parents always give us a gift on Easter. This year my mom gave us girls a reusable bag filled with paper clips, reusable bags from all the stores, Walgreen's, rite aid, etc... a purse size coupon organizer, and electric scissors!!!. Only my mom, my sister in law and I knew how FUN, that present was. Everyone else rolled their eyes and played with their remote controlled helicopters. Who knew coupons could bring families together? LOL

***I wanted to pop in and praise you! Thanks so much!!! You along with a few other blogs I follow have truly saved my family hundreds of dollars!!! And I have gotten my mom, sisters, aunt, g-ma and cousin into clipping coupons as well. We enjoyed sitting around the table chit chatting after Easter dinner and clipping my left over coupons. I save them because I hate to just throw them away. : )

***After your coupon party about three months ago I have just gone crazy with coupons and deal seeking. (thank you) I have had a small coupon party for my family and my stock pile is already pretty big. I have been able to save my family so much money and have also been able to help friends, family and people in need.

I wanted to let you know I have started a blog and my husband thanks I am crazy (but I think secretly he likes it:) it iswww.123save.blogspot.comit is still very rough around the edges but my friends and family are all over the place and this is a much faster way then calling everyone of them every time I find a deal:)Love your opinion or advice.