Saturday, April 11, 2009


Grocery total: $10.77

I am not a HUGE Costco shopper, I am able to save far more $$$ by using coupons at the regular old grocery store.

But, I must admit that there are a few items that Costco prices just spank the competition with.... Crasins, lettuce, taco seasoning and bulk meat.

I hadn't compared prices between Meijer and Costco's lettuce in quite a while- and I was floored. I normally pay $4.99 for 6 heads of Romain at Meijer- and Costco's price was $3.39. I may have to start making more frequent Costco runs!

I also picked up a large container of taco seasoning for $3.99. Ounce for ounce the large container could season the same amount as 20 small packages- and usually those sell for $.79ish. If I purchase just the packets when I needed them, I could spend almost $16 instead of $4 on the large container. Bulk sometimes is better!!!

*I LOVE leaving Costco being able to carry my items out in my hands... no cart needed!



Hi there,

We have found that Vitamins/supplements, batteries, certain bulk office supplies, fresh vegetables, half and half, cheese, bulk flour and sugar, spices, yeast, bulk basmati rice, oils, and organic sausage, hotdogs, and bacon (my kids don't do well with preservative added to the regular kind) are among the items I have found that are often less expensive at Costco even when I combine coupons and sales elsewhere. In fact, I have an excel spreadsheet of around 170 item's Costco prices that I often double check before buying elsewhere. If you would like a copy, just let me know and I'll e-mail it to you. Your shopping lists and tips have helped me so much!

Laura Webber

May I post your list?


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