Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Angel Soft is the NEW Cottonelle

Grocery Total: $40.08
Spent: $4.79 & Saved: $35.29
28 coupons used (7 were doubled)
14 FREE items

I made a mad dash into Kroger this morning! I was excited to find that the Angel Soft toilet paper coupon was for the 4 package rolls- on sale 10/$10! I laughed out loud when I saw the 12 double rolls package ***ON SALE*** for $8.49... for 24 rolls~~~ I "bought" 28 rolls for NOTHING!!!! I heart coupons!!!!

Also, there are two unadvertised sales that I wanted to hit... the travel packs of Huggies wipes are 10/$10 and I used the $1 off any Huggies bath or body coupon and the $.75 off Huggies wipes- scoring 14 packages for $1.75, or less then the regular price of one package! I have no idea how we go through these so fast! I just love them!

I totally forgot to bring my Barilla pasta coupons with me- but Barilla boxes are on sale 4/$3 so you may even be able to score a bit of coupon overage!

***REMEMBER, if your stores are out of these products just ask for a rain check!



I always wondered how you got the travel packs of Huggies wipes for free. Thanks for sharing, now I know what coupon to use.

Laura Webber

This is just my second time... sorry for not posting sooner!


Laura - Is the count on the travel wipes high enough to use the 75 cent coupon from this past Sunday's paper???

Laura Webber

Well, the cashier said it was OK... so I spent it!


Okay, so now I'm even MORE confused!!!! I went to Kroger this morning and the 75 cent coupon worked even though the count wasn't high enough, but the cashier wouldn't let me use the $1 coupon because she said it didn't qualify as a bath and body item. Is that the discretion of the cashier? Should I go back and try again? Help!

Laura Webber

I just got off of the phone with a Kimberly-Clark customer service rep and she said if the coupon scans and is accepted by the store there is no problem.


You are awesome! I'm going to go try again! I think part of the problem was when she scanned it, it beeped at her like it didn't work. But maybe I'll try the non-u-scan this time and see if it accepts it. THANKS LAURA!


I am confused....are you using both the 1.00 and the .75 coupon for one item? I thought kroger allowed only one manufactures coupon per item? Could you explain this to me.
Thank you, terry

Laura Webber

Hi Terri,
Nope, only one coupons is used per item purchased. The $.75 and the $1 coupon are both being spent- so two packages are $.25.