Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SUPER Kroger


Well, I did it again, I shopped with friends and nearly expiring coupons to fill my cart (literally) for pennies on the dollar!

Grocery Total: $306.91
Spent: $24.90 & Saved: $282.01
194 coupons
73 FREE items!

I gave one of my friends a gallon of milk, as two was plenty for my family, and I will be receiving $5 back in rebates from Sargento!

Maybe I should move to Howell...



I love that Kroger too! Just wondering if you did a couple of separate transactions? I have been told by a couple of cashiers that they only take 3 identical coupons. I am not more than 1 or 2 transaction kinda girl, so I usually just keep to my 3 coupons.

Also, just wondered if you happened to get the Quaker Oatmeal with the coupons inside? I had to really search though the shelf last time I was in to find them but it was an awesome deal!! I went back an extra time last week to stock my freezer up with free milk!


Ya know, you are getting quite good at these displys of groceries. I especially like the way you alternated the salsa flavors in the pic. :)

I second the previous commenter's question - did you really give the cashier 194 coupons?! Or did you do it in separate transactions?

Laura Webber

I did 3 transactions... 1 MAJOR, 1 minor, 1 itty bitty.

it sounds like I need to tear open my boxes!!!

And thanks for the display compliment... I try!


Laura, great blog!! Love the name -- super creative. Thanks for stopping by Lizzy's Languge. And, yes my daughter did associate "cheeses with the same sound as Jesus".


Hi! I have a question for you. I follow several blogs..including yours that tell me where to shop for what. I have a few blogs that I love for Walgreens and CVS. Do you have a favorite (or more than one) that you follow for your groceries? I never seem to do as good as you...not even close! Thanks

Laura Webber

I LOVE Mommy Snacks- the link is on my right sidebar on my home page.

I actually do my own coupon match ups plus the "stellar deals" that I read on various blogs. It helps to really know the stores that you shop in. I know the regular prices on the grocery items that I most often purchase at both Meijer and Kroger (my two favorites) and so when I find a coupon I pretty much will just camp out and wait for a sale to match my coupon with.

Did that make sense?

And as far as this Super Kroger shopping trip... I used my high value coupons.


What is a "Super Kroger"....is it worth that drive?

Laura Webber


Super Kroger is located in Howell, MI and they double coupons up to $1 everyday!

Go! Now! It is totally worth the drive!!!
Want company? Just kidding!!! Maybe...


Ok, now why the 3 transactions? Does Kroger only accept a certain amount of coupons on the same item?

Laura Webber

Super Kroger only allows 3 identical coupons per transaction.


Laura - I'm the wife of your husband's best friend from lower elementary school. Nice to meet you! :-)
When Dave and Luke reunited, and Dave mentioned that you're into couponing, we looked you up! So, I've been following your blog...Fun! This post is making me seriously sad that there is no Kroger in GR. I love Meijer, but your Kroger deals are amazing! What is the difference between Kroger and Super Kroger? (I've never been to a Kroger before!)
We'd love to have you and Dave over next time you're in the GR area! Let us know!
(P.S. I think I saw you for a split second at the West MI Moms' Sale! Or maybe it was another woman with a Publix bag!) :-)

Laura Webber

Hi Lacey,
Sounds like a date!!!

OK, Super Kroger is just one Kroger in my area- this Kroger doubles coupons up to $1, while all of the other Kroger stores double coupons up to $.50.

PS: I LOVE my Publix bags!!!


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