Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: Where do you find the coupons?

Our Sunday papers are hit and miss with them around here, sometimes they are loaded other times they have very few.

Since My daughter's arrival we are spending around $200 a week on groceries, in my opinion this is too much. So I am trying to shave the bill in any way possible.

Me: Purchasing the multiple copies of the Sunday paper will yield the greatest coupons.

Having multiples of the same coupon allows you to really stock up when there is a great sale- because you are receiving the sale price + the coupon (or possibly doubled) value for the discount of the item. 3 coupons = 3 products purchased at the lowest price possible.

Keeping a stock of frequently used foods, hygiene products and household items at home after purchasing them for the lowest possible price helps to keep those same items off of your grocery list when they are not on sale and you do not have a coupon.

It is true that sometimes the papers are hit and miss with whether or not there are great coupons, but keeping them filed and organized until they are either spent or expired will help save an unbelievable amount of money!