Sunday, March 8, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I have a question I think you are going to laugh at, but I seriously need help with!

I did the awesome Huggies deals at Walgreen's and now I have $20 in RR that I need to spend in the next two weeks. So here's my question...what should I spend them on?

Now I'm all paranoid about only getting GREAT deals, so I definitely don't want to buy a bunch of stuff for full price just to use up the money. However, it does seem like there are certain items that don't go on sale as often or are harder to get for free as frequently, so maybe I should focus on those.

In my (limited) experience, some of those would be face wash, lotion, plastic bags, and laundry detergent. (Those are just a few of the things I wouldn't mind adding to my stockpile).

What do you think? Any advice you have would be great!

Me: When I have rewards that may expire before I will be able to roll them I personally do one of the following:

1. I may purchase something in the store that I would not normally spend my hard earned money on... for example: I really wanted to purchase this product call Dryer Balls. These poky little plastic balls clunk around in the dryer with your clothing, helping it to dry faster and they help your clothing to be fluffier and less wrinkly. The $10 sticker price kept me from trying them... until I had store rewards that were about to expire. But, stocking up on face wash and other items like that is a great idea too.

2. I may buy milk and eggs that week to utilize some of my expiring rewards. Hey, if I need those items anyways I may as well conserve on my grocery budget.

3. I try to purchase items that I will get a rebate on- so spend my rewards now, but at the end of the month I'll get CASH!!! I heart cash too!

I hope these suggestions helped... and I NEVER laugh at questions... I love sharing all of my scoop!!!