Sunday, March 1, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: Can you clarify something for me?

I have been following the www.fromwagstoriches blog this past week. On the blog it mentioned that there would be a free toothbrush deal and Chex mix deal and it was even listed in the ad available on the blog.

Now that I my weekly ad in hand, it seems to have changed. The toothbrush 7 day coupon is no longer there and neither is the Chex mix sale. The ad has been rearranged.

I assume that Walgreen's decided to change their sales at the last minute, does this happen often? Do you ever find that the item it still on sale, just not in the ad?

I also noticed that other blogs still have the toothbrush deal listed in their weekly match up posted today. Does that mean it is still available or are they working with old data?

Me: I was wondering the same thing when I looked at my ad today too... so I investigated!

I have a coupon clipping friend who told me that she has seen the Walgreen's ad for Lansing MI and it is all inclusive of the deals that are posted on the Internet. So I went to the Walgreen's website ( and I requested a search for a Walgreen's store in Lansing MI. The Store Locator's bought up several locations- and there was an option to look at 'this week's flyer' - so I clicked on the link and it brought up the ad.

The toothbrush coupon is found on page 9, and on the right side bar there is an option to click and print- I have already printed mine, so I know it works.
As for the Chex mix deal, I didn't look for it, but you can print out that page of the flyer and bring it to your store and your store is supposed to honor the printed sale price.

I'd call your store manager before going in... just in case. And if your store manager declines to accept the ad, call customer service and ask their advice. Sometimes customer service will call the store manager directly and 'change their minds for them'... if ya know what I mean!!!

Good luck!