Monday, March 9, 2009


Ah, the joys of multiples!

Multiple computers in our house= multiple Huggies coupons.

Multiple coupons= multiple transactions.

Multiple transactions= multiple AWESOME deals.

Multiple AWESOME deals= multiple benefits!!!

OK, so I have spent all of my Huggies $3 & $5 coupons. Did you reprint the coupons? If you were among the first to print, the coupons have been reset- meaning that you can print them again! Yay! Visit to try it out.

I brought home $240 in Huggies product (before tax). I spent $35 and received $60 in Register Rewards and I will receive $6 in rebates from Rite Aid.

I will also receive $9 from Caregiver's Marketplace. I have never sent away for a rebate from this company, but I am willing to give it a try.

Every product that you purchase from Caregiver's Marketplace's very specific list earns you $.75. Huggies diapers are on the list, so I will receive a $9 check.

If you are interested in receiving a nice little check in the mail as well check out

So... beyond my purchases, I made $25 in store rewards and I'll receive $15 in cash rebates! I have no problem making $40 for 432 diapers and 2,000 wipes!!!

...have I ever mentioned that I LOVE shopping?



What did you use your $3 coupons on?


What did you get at Rite Aid....isn't the deal better at Walgreens?

Laura Webber

I used the $3 coupons on diapers and the $5 coupons on the wipes.

I was just itching to use the awesome Huggies Q's and so I coupled the Huggies $5 with a $5 off $25 - giving me $10 off per $12.50 package of diapers... with a $2 rebate, making each package of diapers only $.50.

If you have $25 in poducts sold at Rite Aid is is a great way to use your Huggies Q's with very little out of pocket.

*On Saturday I took advantage of their Mento's gum being on sale for $.99 and used my $1 off coupons to get to the $25 in merchandise total.


Do you mean that the $5 coupons that say 'save $5 on one Huggies gentle care diapers product' can be used on the Huggies 'natural care' wipes?

Laura Webber

Yes Ma'am!!! Shopping tonight?


Yep. Woohoo!