Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hidden Sales:

Grocery total: $28.29
Spent: $10.81 & Saved: $17.48
0 coupons used
0 FREE items

Ok, I'm not sure who discovers these hidden deals- or even how they discover them, but I like to score them!!!

I always try the too good to be true deals before I post (or I give lots of warning that they may not work) - because I have been burned in the 'hunting' and I don't want to lead my faithful readers on a wild goose chase.

Today I went back to Meijer (wish I had known about this deal on my first shopping trip) to get Milk and pie crusts...

The Pillsbury double crusts in the box packages are ringing up 2 for $1... $.50 each!!!

I bought 6 boxes and am freezing a few. We LOVE quiche in our house and this will make those meals quick easy and INEXPENSIVE!!! Hurry to Meijer (no coupons necessary, although I think that there were coupons in last weekends paper) this deal ends at midnight tonight!!!

PS: NOWHERE in the store was the 2 for $1 advertised, it just scans for that price at the checkout!!!



Darn, and I thought I stocked up on them at a good price! Now I know those didn't even have a sign, but it makes me think of the other sales that aren't advertised in the store ad, but then when you get there (Meijer), you notice something's on you go up and down every aisle and look at all the stuff you might buy to see if it happens to be on sale, or do you just make a list based on the ad and stick to it? I've been doing the latter, but wonder if I'm missing out on some good deals.

Laura Webber

I only snagged this deal because I read about it on a blog. I make a list and stick to it!