Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Success Story!!!

From an email...

I just wanted to share a success story that I did Sunday. Maybe you could benefit too!!!

Target was running the Quattro and Intuition razors on sale for 6.99 with a 5.00 gift card when you bough 2.

This weeks coupons included a 4.00 off each, one for Schick Quattro and one for intuition. I went to target to make my snag and low and behold the shelves were already mighty bare. I had a total of 6 coupons, 3 for each. To my extreme surprise two of the 3 Intuition razors I was going to purchase had a 3.00 off now, making my total coupons worth 30.00 in hand.

I got myself 4 new razors and my hubby 2. When I made it to the checkout, I chose a wonderful cashier who was more than excited about my deal. I received 6 expensive razors, $15.00 worth of gift cards and my debit was for $13 and change.

So essentially they paid me to take home those razors.

I then turned around and used my gift cards and more manufacturers coupons, ( like the Mott's applesauce, I scored 2 6 packs for .14 a piece) to purchase my household items for the next 2- 3 weeks and only spent $35 and change.

I am so thankful I came to your class. It has made an impact, not to mention I am winning some serious points with the hubby as he and my daughter were with me yesterday and he was quite impressed on my steal of a deal.

Now I just need to tackle and understand the diapers and wipes and start my stockpile there.

Me: Woo Hoo! I scored the same deal as you... I bought 6 razors, but I bought them in three transactions... I rolled the $5 GC into each purchase.

Way to score some brownie points with the family!



Can you use the peelie coupons, such as on the razors, along with additional manufacturers coupons? Last week at Kroger I was denied on some Cascadia Farms Granola peelies because I already had $1 coupons. Before they let it through. Does it depend on the store?

Laura Webber

Peelies (coupons peeled from the package on the shelf) are manufacturer coupons... so no doble mani's.


I thought the $4 coupons in the paper this week were only for the women's razors. Did someone get that $4 coupon to work on the men's Quattro razor along with the sale at Target??? My husband is in need of razors!

Laura Webber

I only bought ladies... Maybe the $3 peelies wee used on the men's razors.