Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Success Story!!!

I went to Walgreen's this morning to take advantage of the "free" Glade sale. Both the Lasting Impressions and the Sense and Spray are on sale for $7.99. There are coupons for both in the Easy Saver book ($4) and I had printed $4 coupons along with "buy one get one" coupons.

My first trip I bought 6 glade items and 6 papers and THEY PAID ME $2.15!! (on a gift card). I told the manager I didn't think that was right. I was anticipating paying tax and using RR's to pay for the papers. He just replied that "it was my lucky day".

My second trip I bought 4 more glade and only paid 89cents tax. I still have a ton of coupons for more--for another day (this week). ALSO, both units have coupons in the box for $3 off another unit and $1 off the refills. Those coupons expire summer of 2010. I plan to grab the coupons out of the boxes I'll put in my stash and take advantage of the sale and score 10 more for 99cents each.

I got $111 worth of glade and Sunday papers for 89 cents.!!! Had I been smart I would have used the gift card from my first transaction to pay the tax on the second...but I was rushing home to sick kids.