Monday, February 9, 2009

Walgreen's Loot

This morning Bo and I went to Walgreen's to score some FREE stuff.

I was super excited to get some more FREE toothpaste to donate.

With the coupon link found on from 2/7/09

The coupon, which you may print as many as you'd like, is for $1.50 off of any tube of Colgate 4oz or larger, expiring 12/31/2010!!!

This week, 2.8-2.14, Walgreen's is offering $1 Register Reward for each set of 2 toothpaste's purchased.

***IMPORTANT INFO: When I went to purchase my tubes of toothpaste, I 'bought' them two at a time. If I had bought all 12 of them in the same transaction the I would have only received $1 in RR's. But because I purchased them in 6 transactions I received $6 in RR's.

***Also, my tubes of toothpaste were ringing up at $1.49, but the sale prices was $3 for 2 tubes... or $1.50 each. Believe it or not, that $.01 makes a BIG difference.

I would have only been able to use one coupon because my order would have come to $2.98, not $3. (Walgreen's is not big on changing the value on the coupons). So I requested that my purchase price be modified in the computer to $1.50- since that was what was advertised.

THEN I was able to spend (2) $1.50 coupons to score both tubes of toothpaste for FREE (less the $.18 Michigan sales tax) AND then I earned a $1 RR. Yay!

Here is one of my (6) Register Rewards (Aka: RR or Walgreen's money).

Coupon Lady Snippet: If a coupon is in PDF form, meaning you download the coupon, it is wisest to save it in your personal files on your computer. Sometimes the PDF coupon will vanish- even before the coupon expires.



Aren't these coupons for Colgate Total? Will they work on any Colgate product? Just curious.

Laura Webber

Yep, they scan for any Colgate!