Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From My Readers...

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: The kids and I headed out with 2 carts so I could split my order and maximize my coupons at Meijer. It was so tempting, seeing all those yellow tags of sale items, to whip out a coupon. (I had already determined the best deals against the money I could spend).

There was one deal I couldn't pass up though...on Maxwell house coffee there was a sign that if you bought a can (any size on the display) you'd get $8 coup. at check out. SO, I grabbed the smallest can at $3.49 and got the coup off my next order of $105. Fortunately, I do LOVE Maxwell House. And prior to your class, I would have bought the big can for $7 something--cuz that's what I "always" buy.

The cashier I had was awesome! She asked for my coupons up front and looked over the items on the belt. She looked over my second order's coupons. Then she tossed my produce around and spread it between the orders. And put my coffee on the first order. (I had spent hours trying to figure out EXACTLY what should be on each order to MAXIMIZE my coupons.)

Perplexed I just looked at her (almost in tears). She explained that she thought I would hit $105 on my 2nd order and if she rang up the coffee on my first order, then I could use the 8$ coup on my 2nd order. Then she explained that I would get $1 coup back on each of my produce, and I would get more coups if I split them into separate orders. Sure enough, I wound up saving MORE than I expected.

The collard greens I bought for the iguana "paid for" the greens I got for the tortoises. and that "paid" for the lettuce for the family. Really cool!!. And the lettuce for the family will 'pay for' next weeks collard greens for the iguana. Also, since tonight is mostly homeschooling moms... I wanted to share what I've been doing with Kalynn. She is having an awful time with multiplication and fractions. So I have been having her bake a lot, doubling recipes etc. (she can do that no problem). Now I've been having her help with coupons. She is calculating ppu to help me find the 'best' deals. So practical, yet still math...I'm so sneaky.

Also, Kalynn and I were talking about what we were going to do with all the coupons that are about to expire that we won't use...(I've been drilling the kids that coups are like "free money") I told her how you share yours at the store with those purchasing the product. She really liked that idea... Then while we were at Walgreen's yesterday we noticed that someone taped coupons to the products that we were buying. (I picked the items behind, because I already had coupons)... SO Kalynn wants to take our almost expired coups and leave them at the products on the store shelves. She's chosen that as a 'community service' project.

As a homeschooling mom/teacher I require my children to "serve" in some aspect. I am so pleased that my 10yo has the heart to share our coupons. (on top of her weekly service in Weetopia, and her monthly commitment the the 2/42 bake team)!

Me: I think that it is so cool that you are teaching your kids the value of money alongside the math involved in shopping! Every kid needs to learn that!

How did you get such a spectacular cashier at a grocery store? I'm jealous! And by the way- you were brilliant in using two carts... I just try to remember to split my orders when I am at the checkout- or if I am shopping alone, I use the basket seat for my smaller purchase!

There is a name for the person doing Kalynn's kind of 'Service Project"... she is a coupon fairy! I LOVE coupon Fairies!!!

Keep clipping your coupons!!!