Monday, February 23, 2009

Fast Fifty

Sometimes it pays to be sick...

For the record, I'd rather be healthy and down $50, but if I am sick I'd at least like to be paid!

I needed to go to the Doctor because I knew that I was getting sick. I have a sinus infection and Bronchitis- requiring me to fill two prescriptions. CVS is my pharmacy of choice so I took my prescriptions there to be filled.

When it was time to pick them up I brought (2) $25 gift card for transferred prescriptions coupons with me. I knew (as well as the pharmacist) that my prescriptions were new, but I asked if I could use the coupons anyway. My kind cashier agreed- but needed me to ring up each prescription separately... no problem!

So I received $50 for being smart enough to clip, bring and ask to use my coupons. Woo Hoo!

Coupon Lady Snippet: Always clip the prescription transfer coupons from your weekly flyers. These coupons are found nearly every week in the Rite Aid flyer, and from time to time in the Walgreen's, Meijer and Target flyers. CVS's transfer coupons are scarce- but sometimes they print out at the bottom of your receipt.

CVS will allow you to use any stores prescription transfer coupon, as will Rite Aid. Walgreen's will only accept a Walgreen's coupon. And keep in mind that Meijer and Target only offer $10 vs. the $25 from the drug stores.

*I personally always clip these coupons and I keep a few in my wallet- ready for when I may need them!