Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Money Saving Strategy

I know that it sounds simple- but buy only what you need.

A few nights ago, while staying with family, we decided to have Crescent rolls as part of our dinner. We were feeding 4 adults and one super cute baby.

I had more than enough coupons to cover the number of packages that we would need.

I though about buying 2 packages of the regular size packages,
giving me 16 rolls for $4.18 - $1.40 (2 $.35 coupons doubled) =$2.78 or $.17/roll.

But instead I chose to purchase 3 smaller packages of Crescent rolls,
giving us 12 roll for our dinner.

3 packages cost $4.35 - $2.10 (3 $.35 coupons doubled) = $2.25 or $.19/roll.

I did pay slightly higher per roll for the smaller packages, but Crescent rolls that aren't eaten at dinner are rarely ever eaten, so I'd rather not just waste them.