Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Thought...

Saturday morning, as I was getting ready for the day, I started thinking about all of the FREE stuff that I use each day- just to get ready.
I brushed my teeth with FREE Aquafresh toothpaste.
I washed my face with FREE Dove soap.
I washed my hair with FREE Garnier shampoo.
I shaved with a FREE Bic razor.
I washed with FREE Aveeno body wash.
*I should have used my FREE body pouf that I just 'bought'!
I cleaned my ears with FREE Q-Tips.
I lotioned my face with FREE Aveeno lotion.
I put FREE Aussie gel & hairspray in my hair.
I put on my FREE Secret deoderant.
I applied my FREE Jane face powder.
I applied my FREE Covergirl Mascara.
I applied my FREE Jane eyeliner.
and finally, I applied my FREE Bath & Body Works lip gloss.
I have found ways to get the products that I want- or that I at least find acceptable to use, for FREE using coupons, sales and store rewards.
Its funny, I have never realized how much FREE stuff I use everyday! I kinda like it!