Monday, January 26, 2009

Gifts from My Stockpile

A friend from church contacted Dave to see if I may be able to help a displaced family. The family has three children including a little boy just about Boaz's age. Our friend thought that I may have or know how to get some inexpensive diapers for this family.

Since we only cloth diaper about 90% of the time, I do stockpile diapers and wipes. Bo is still a size 3- buy I have been buying a few packs of 4's for when the day comes that we will need them. (Actually, I 'bought' a few packages of Walgreen's brand diapers back in July- and they paid me $.75 a package!) I was happy to be able to share!

Then I learned a little bit more about the family. They will be moving into a house soon (from a hotel) and they are starting over completely... everything is needed to make their new house a home. I went through all of the stuff that I stock up on for my family and created a little house warming supply kit. It was so much fun!!!

There really are limitless opportunities for caring and sharing.