Monday, January 12, 2009

Garnier Anyone?

Last week Walgreen's was running a fabulous sale on Garnier hair products. The entire line was on sale for $2.99- then Walgreen's had a store coupon for $2 off- and then I had all sorts (45 to be exact) of $1 off manufacturer's coupons.
I'll do the math...

$4.29 regular price
- $1.39 for the $2.99 sale price
-$2 for the Walgreen's coupon
-$1 for my manufacturer coupon
= -.01 x 45 products (that's negative one cent!!! They paid ME!)
(and one other product bought without a coupon- I had an uber chatty cashier...)

So I paid $.54 (+ tax) for 46 hair products.

Enough for me and the a lot of sharing!!!



I might come shopping at your house soon :) Thanks for the pull ups info... By tomorrow, we'll be set for the Disney trip in 'sposies.



I also might come shopping! I love Garnier!
So, what is the best way to get more than one paper? Just buy them at CVS on Sundays??

Laura Webber

Excatly! As a standard, I buy 3 per week. But if I catch wind of great coup's (on the internet) I might buy more!

CVS and 7 Eleven in my neighborhood sell the paper for $1 each. My friend Carrie, who lives outside of Oakland says she had to pay $1.75 each- bummer- but still worth buying more than one!