Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Buddy System, Its Not Just For Kids!

COUPON LADY SNIPPET: If you have a COUPON BUDDY, you are far less likely to miss out on a great deal/sale.

I personally have quite a few friends who also have been bitten by the coupon bug. Whenever any of us are together we offer up where the best deals can be shopped, where to find non- Sunday paper coupons, and sometimes we even trade coupons with each other.

Since I have a baby and no pets I am thrilled at the opportunity to rid myself of coupons that I will never use- knowing that a friend is thrilled to have a few extras. And when I receive added baby coupons that a friend doesn't need- I can use them to build my stockpile. It is like getting the best coupons from a newspaper that you didn't have to buy!

I have even gone as far as shopping alongside of friends- cart to cart. The COUPON BUDDY system inspires me to share my info & coup's, to keep deal seeking and to keep up with friends who share the same interests.

Make sure YOU have a COUPON BUDDY too!