Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mini Transactions

I have bought 42 tubes of Colgate toothpaste at Walgreen's this week! That's $105 worth of toothpaste!

(Hi all of my WONDERFUL Walgreen's employee's!!! I love you guys!!!)

I used the famous $1.50 Colgate coup* and scored all of these tubes for FREE (minus sales tax) and I am thrilled to have so much to give to Community Sharing, my favorite food pantry.

Coupon Lady Snippet:
Often you can save just a bit more money- or earn more store rewards by making many small transactions. Walgreen's has a sale on Colgate, buy 2 tubes and earn $1 back in Register Rewards (Walgreen's money). If I wanted four tubes of toothpaste I could purchase them all in one transaction... but I would only receive one store rewards. But if I broke my order into two transactions- then I would earn two rewards... one per transaction.

So in purchasing 42 tubes of Colgate this week- yep, I made 21 transactions. I spread out my purchasing over 4 days (as not to look too greedy :) - but hey, they are ALL for donating!!!) I also earned $21 in store rewards.

If this sounds tedious to you, just 'buy' what you can handle- or what you have time for. Sales will come back around usually within 4-12 weeks!

Also keep in mind that it is impolite to 'clog' a line- if there are other customers behind you- return to the end of the line and re wait for your next transaction. Honestly, I rarely ever have this happen to me.

*Print your Colgate coupons here: